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Test Engineering

Based in Recklinghausen, the Test Engineering team has been offering its extensive services and experience in the concept, development, construction and assembly of test benches for over three decades. EDAG Test Engineering's clients include renowned manufacturers from the automotive industry and customers from the fields of general mechanical and electrical engineering.

We can help you to handle your inspection and test activities in development and production. Our team takes on engineering responsibility, and supports the entire process from the analysis of the test activity through to the turnkey installation.

We offer the following solutions and services to meet your needs:

    • Project management
    • Concept development
    • Planning, mechanical design
    • Electric project planning, software development
    • Manufacturing
    • On-site assembly, start-up and maintenance

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      In the field of automotive test engineering, we can offer innovative test bench solutions for the development, quality assurance and production of vehicle components:

      • SCR / PVT - Test Benches for vehicle components working with a flow of liquid or gaseous media: air, glycol/water mixtures, brake fluid & various fuels
      • Flow benches for vehicle components
        Flow generation across vehicle components and measuring analyses
      • Test equipment for fuel cell components
        Development of fuel cell components and test stands
      • Endurance test stands for vehicle components
        Application of stress to vehicle components in continuous operation, through to their destruction, product life cycle simulation
      • Functional test benches for sensors and vehicle components
        Used in development for checking the function of sensors and vehicle components, and in manufacturing for quality control
      • Power analysers for heat exchangers
        For checking the performance of heat exchangers during the development stage
      • Technological systems such as Frontal Area Measurement Systems, Automatic Defrost Analysis Systems and automation technology for wind tunnels
        Support at development or modernisation of electrical equipment of wind tunnels
      • Conditioning devices for motor test stands
        Media conditioning for motors on test stands


      In the field of non-automotive test engineering, we can offer innovative test bench solutions for the development, quality assurance and production of components for general mechanical and electrical engineering:

      • Turbines and generator rotors
        Support with the modernisation of balancing machines
      • Turbo engines
        Flow generation for instance across pumps and compressors, and measuring analyses
      • Electric machines
        Generation of realistic stresses and measurements of electric parameters