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Double step

The new access step was developed for vehicles with elevated entry heights. Its non-slip stainless steel surface and high load-bearing capacity (250 kg) make this the ideal aid for regular, daily use.

Wheelchair lifts and ramps

The AMF AL1 solid aluminium with a rigid platform

With a load capacity of 400 kg and its lightweight, compact design, the "AL1 Solid" linear lift complies with all the relevant standards for the transport of disabled persons.


The K-series folding wheelchair lift

The K-series wheelchair lift can bear loads of up to 350 kg. The integrated safety zone with roller stoppers and hand rails to the front and rear ensure that the person being moved is optimally secured during the lifting process.The stable, non-slip fully automatic folding platform provides an unrestricted rear view. 

Swing lift – easy loading from the curb

As the BSL 350 swing lift can be accessed directly from the pavement, it requires little space behind the vehicle. This enables it to pivoted in and out even where traffic conditions leave very little space. The BSL 350 can be turned through 90° twice, so that the platform is lowered and lifted away from the edge of the vehicle. The platform of the robust and long-lasting swing lift is raised by a hydraulic unit and lowered by its own weight. Thanks to the two electric safety flaps and the side rail, the wheelchair user is optimally secured. Once folded away, the swing lift is compact, and installation takes up only about 30 cm in the interior of the vehicle.

Wheelchair ramp – the simple solution for wheelchair boarding

The two-piece wheelchair ramp is both easy to use and saves space. Fitted with gas pressure absorbers, the ramp can be lowered or raised effortlessly by one person. The lightweight aluminium construction is made of non-slip platform mesh, and has a load capacity of up to 300 kg. 


Wheelchair restraint systems

Retractor system consisting of  4 retractor belts (or 2 retractor belts + 2 static belts) and 1 lap belt. There are two versions available.



  • Suitable for up to 85 kg (wheelchair)
  • Robust black ABS cover
  • Semi-automatic, simple pull-out
  • Floor anchoring with 4-point fitting or mono fitting
  • Tested in accordance with DIN and ISO (10542)
  • 3 versions available (loop, hook or carbine mount)

Heavy Duty

  • Suitable for up to 160 kg (wheelchair)
  • Simple operation
  • Robust design
  • Attachment with 4-point fitting or mono fitting
  • 3 versions available (loop, hook or carbine mount)
  • Compatible with all wheelchairs and vehicles
  • Tested in accordance with DIN (75078 – with integrated lap belt) and ISO (10542)

Future Safe head and backrest

The FutureSafe head and backrest is safe, space saving and comfortable at one and the same time – a flexibly adjustable and patented safety system with an integrated diagonal belt for wheelchair users.


The head restraint and backrest are separate, so can be adjusted to suit the individual wheelchair user. If travelling without the wheelchair, the FutureSafe can simply be folded to the side.


Aluminium system floor

The aluminium system floor is the ideal way of quickly and flexibly designing the inside of the vehicle to accommodate individual seats, wheelchairs and wheeled stretchers.


The system floor is planned individually for each vehicle, cut to size and glued into the vehicle, enabling your individual, flexible vehicle to be created in the shortest possible time. The dirt-resistant floor covering used is extremely hard wearing, easy to clean and, with its anti-slip surface, provides a durable solution for use in wheelchair accessible vehicles.


Seating systems

Easy M1 seat

The Easy M1 seat stands for maximum comfort and enormous flexibility for all day-to-day requirements. Optionally, the seat can be supplied with armrests, a backrest adjuster or Isofix child seat attachment points.


This seat can also be ordered with a folding seat cushion. As a further option, this seat can also be turned to permit installation over the wheel arches.


Grab handles

The "extra long" grab handles that have been developed in-house ensure maximum safety when entering and leaving the vehicle.

Extra flashing lights

Extra flat, brightly flashing LED lights mounted on the roof of your Ford Transit ensure the visibility of the vehicle from a long way off.The housing is painted to match the colour of the car, thus enhancing its appearance.