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Visualisation care

3D design using CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)

With our Visualisation#care product, we create photorealistic representations made up of 3D design data. Our images are developed using Computer Generated Imagery.

Together with the creation of the images, we are also responsible for the correct representation of the different vehicles and equipment options. We model surfaces and materials to ensure a real effect on the products. Our trained 3D designers and 3D editors work according to the latest standards and processes. As a result, we provide the released images according to the customer specification and purpose of use in the customer system.

3D rendering with stable processes

Our 3D renderings are correct and we are able to ensure the complete editorial creation process and specifically direct the flow of information. Wire models are converted to 2D images with 3D effects for 3D rendering. Complexity, data structure and file size are decisive for the process performance and we have specialised in this.

3 phases of the process

Our processes consist of 3 superordinate phases:

  • Information intake using vehicle-specific briefing documents, from regular meetings with customers and by means of database research.
  • Structuring of the data according to methodology guidelines and project milestone specifications of the customer.
  • Knowledge transfer using checklists and acceptance reports as well as archiving the final project statuses.

3D rendering according to current trend

The further development of Visualisation care is geared towards the current trend for using game engines, whereby a realistic real-time representation of the products is made possible. In addition to Visualisation care, we recommend Ontology care. Here the data is prepared with the aid of semantic technologies.