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Q-Method care

Risk analysis – Quality and quantity

With our Q-Method#care product, we offer preventative quality methods with the aim of making faultless and cost-saving product development and production possible. The risk management takes place in compliance with ISO 31000. In the development phase, Failure Mode and Effects Analytics (FMEA analysis) are created. 

The FMEA analysis represents an integral part of our standardised processes. Based on our risk analysis and while considering the regulations in the Machine Directive, we then prepare a qualitative risk assessment. This is the basis for the acceptance of the identified remaining risks.

FMEA processes for technical reliability

The FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analytics) process increases the preventative technical safety our products. FMEA training helps our trained employees with the assessment of the risks using complex system software. Our process landscape has already been proven in practice.

3 phases of the analysis process

Our processes can be divided into 3 superordinate phases:

  • Information intake using workshops and surveys as well as analyses of the organisational sequences, interfaces and results.
  • Structuring occurs in special tools and according to the individual specifications of the methods.
  • Knowledge transfer using workshops and result logs with subsequent measurement tracking.

Risk assessment by our experts

For the analyses, we can fall back on the expertise and experience of our experts from different engineering fields. In addition to our Q-Method care, we use our Supplier care to systematically qualify suppliers to comply with OEM specifications.