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Assembly care

Production support for the manufacture of a product – Assembly care

The design and production of vehicles is a complex and fault-prone process. However these faults can usually only be determined during subsequent operation of the vehicles.

With our experts at Assembly#care, we develop methods of production development and solutions for faults that arise during series production in the plants. Above all, quick reaction times and an exceptional understanding of the connection between production and the vehicle are required in the process. The problems are prioritised and communicated in the respective plants. Here our experts who deal with these issues come into play.

Simultaneous engineering in the development process

An important basis for Assembly care is a methodic and structured procedure to systematically address problems and monitor them accordingly. Our simultaneous engineering team makes short development times possible due to an optimised development process and places particular emphasis on high quality and fault prevention.

3 phases of the control process

Our business model consists of 3 subordinate phases:

  • Information intake using individual data-recall facilities according to error image, complaint and problem
  • Structuring of the findings according to different quality methods and checklists to develop efficient problem resolution.
  • Knowledge transfer is achieved by practical implementation in the production process and on the defective vehicle as well as the documentation of results in the customer system

    Optimised product development with Assembly care and Claim care

    The aim of Assembly care is faultless series production. Success depends greatly on the information quality of the problem descriptions provided. With Claim care, we create precisely these fault descriptions that are used by Assembly care for the information intake. The combination of both products from a single source offers advantages in terms of quality as well as efficiency and accelerates the flow of information. With both products, we are able to manage the complete process from fault recording to the correction of the fault in the plant.