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Product Quality & Care

Continual developments mean that technical products, their operation, service and repair are becoming more and more sophisticated and complex. This is where EDAG Product Quality & Care comes in. In cooperation with OEMs, we improve product quality and increase customer satisfaction with customised communication and quality solutions.

Our Recipe

We have a standardised strategy for all of the products in our portfolio. Information intake always takes place at the beginning, after which the information is methodically structured and processed. The result is a transfer of knowledge to the customer, supported by individual media products.

Business Model

From the various fields of competence - technology, editing and methods - we develop quality and communication solutions for technical products. Behind these are more than 250 employees from the following professions:

  • Graphic designers
  • Information designers
  • Automotive analysts
  • Master automotive technicians
  • Media informatics specialists
  • Product managers
  • Quality engineers
  • QM consultants
  • Technical editors
  • Translators

Assembly care

Production support for the manufacture of a product – Assembly care

The design and production of vehicles is a complex and fault-prone process. However these faults can usually only be determined during subsequent operation of the vehicles.


Claim care

Optimised process consulting with our Claim care product

Short development cycles, an increasing derivative variety and individualisation are some of the reasons why faults occur in vehicles. Together with the OEMs, we take care of faults that occur and carry out field observations for this purpose.


Conformity care

Technical documentation – Conformity Care

Our Conformity#care product covers the topic of CE documentation. We prepare legally compliant and comprehensible editorial content for operating manuals. Our customers include machine manufacturers, engineering service providers and operating material planners. In addition we supervise complete scopes of documentation from the development of the plant to commissioning.


Keydata care

Product data management – Keydata care

The variety of information and data constantly presents new challenges to the manufacturers of products. Often data and information is reused in different channels and media.


Manual care

Service literature – Manual care

With the Manual#care product, we cover the topic of instructions including the aspects of operation, maintenance, upkeep, service and repairs. We prepare the documents in a user-friendly and practical manner.


Q-Method care

Risk analysis – Quality and quantity

With our Q-Method#care product, we offer preventative quality methods with the aim of making faultless and cost-saving product development and production possible. The risk management takes place in compliance with ISO 31000. In the development phase, Failure Mode and Effects Analytics (FMEA analysis) are created.


Supplier care

Supply chain management – Optimisation of the supply chain

In the last few years, car manufacturers have concentrated more and more on their core expertise and for this reason the role of the suppliers is becoming more important. Now the share of the value-added chain is over 70%.


Visualisation care

3D design using CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)

With our Visualisation#care product, we create photorealistic representations made up of 3D design data. Our images are developed using Computer Generated Imagery.