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How a female software developer at EDAG sets new standards

Macros, domains, log files. Anyone who doesn't know what we are talking about has obviously never studied electrical engineering. But this is not the case with Lisa-Marie Heil from Fulda. After completing her Master's degree in "Systems and Design", she joined EDAG as a software developer for embedded systems, where she applies her know-how to developing programs one will find in tomorrows car.

An industry is changing

Software in the car is booming. About 90 % of all future innovations in the car will be brought about by electronics and software. And as a result, the software will become a car's most important distinctive feature. Leading the way: autonomous driving. More comfort for the driver, reduced emission levels, optimised fuel consumption and time savings are just a few examples of developments being made in our mobility.
New trends and technologies call for new directions. And to take these safely and at the right time, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers need specially skilled workers, such as software engineers.

Engineering experts EDAG are already focussing increasingly on software development in the car, and recruiting specialists with electrical engineering expertise. People like Lisa-Marie Heil. The software developer for embedded systems has been employed by EDAG since September 2016. Her task is to develop the software for special hardware components on the basis of customer-defined requirements. The development process is more than just programming. First of all, it is important to precisely analyse the requirements. These are taken to draft the architecture for the system and then the software. As soon as the software has been implemented, there follows an extensive test phase. Any errors identified must be eliminated by repeating this development process once again. This process calls for the close cooperation of the entire team. And there is always more than one way to get things done. "Clear communication is therefore extremely important," explains the EDAG expert. "With the customer, but also among ourselves." In addition, particularly in the automobile environment, there are also the functional safety requirements. These are legal regulations which must be conformed with to guarantee all aspects of automobile safety. And which, in the light of trends such as autonomous driving, connectivity and cyber security, are becoming more and more important!“ Lisa-Marie is currently working on programming software for driverless cars.

Technology in her blood

The foundations for the 27-year-old's dream job were laid many years ago: "My parents met while they were studying electrical engineering. To some extent, my interest in technology seems to be inborn. I also attended a vocational grammar school, where I was able to select mechanical engineering as one of my examination subjects."

Lisa explains what she really likes about her job as follows: "Writing software is like solving a puzzle. Step by step, potential sources of errors in the software have to be eliminated. Systematically! And when you've managed this, when the software is up and running, when you've successfully completed this detective work, the feeling is just amazing." 

Software as an innovation driver

Lisa-Marie Heil could also have found work in medical informatics. Because there is a great deal going on, particularly in the fields of telemedicine, the fusion of telecommunication technology and computer science. The use of new software components makes it possible to overcome physical distances, to provide patients with vital information, and analyse patients' medical data. This leads to improvements in diagnosis, therapies and preventive healthcare measures. So software will not just be playing an important role in the future. Why did she nevertheless decide in favour of the automotive industry? In her own words: "It's very easy to imagine how software can be put to use in a car. We are in our cars every day - going to work, shopping, to friends. The thought that my work can help to improve the comfort and safety of driving in the future really appeals to me. The use of software in the car and all the possibilities it will bring is still in its infancy. And I can see huge potential there. For improving vehicle functionality, but also for myself. You see, at EDAG I have the chance to be part of these industrial changes, and to grow at the same time."

The software developer has a clear target for her future: to continue having as much fun as she is having mastering her first career steps.