EDAG Engineering Impulses 2/2016

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Light Design - how engineers get on top of physics.

Architects, theatre experts and film directors know all about the lighting effects, and make careful use of lighting moods to create a particular emotion or atmosphere. The automotive industry, too, has discovered and begun to make use of light as a powerful and effective design element.

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Bat bike - Futuristic bike concept with series potential.

When Sebastian Sturm, a member of the Motorcycle team at EDAG Munich, presents his innovative motorcycle concept to his friends, it is sure to meet with incredulous astonishment. Even experienced bikers will look twice and have to rub their eyes in disbelief. Why?

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Into a wall at 350 kmph - Or: How do you actually test CFRP materials in a Lamborghini?

Get EDAG employee Lukasz Lasek from Neckarsulm to talk about his favourite subject, and his enthusiasm for high-end sports cars is unmistakable.

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International EDAG PS project team paves the way for the first carbon fibre factory in China.

The Chinese are always interested in new trends and drivers, and for years now have been experiencing enormous economic growth.

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The art of German engineering "Made in China". Or how German managers live with Chinese spirit.

We introduce: Arnim Rohns and Viktor Ungemach.

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The newest generation of an authentic and extraordinary off-road vehicle!

The engineering teams of AGRALE, the traditional, genuinely Brazilian, off-road vehicle manufacturer, and the engineering team of EDAG, recognized locally and internationally for the quality of its designs in the mobility industry, have united their efforts and know-how to reinvent the most iconic off-road vehicle, the AGRALE Marruá G2.

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What do bus seats, aircraft cabins and air guns have in common?

Not an easy question to answer – we have certainly already sat on the first of the items, possibly seen the inside of the second, and a few of us might even have held the third in their hands.

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One for all and all for one. Combining forces to master the everyday challenges of an urban environment.

More and more people are migrating to the big cities - Hamburg, Berlin, Munich. There are reasons for this: cities are not just centres for the major international companies, they also offer a huge range of leisure and shopping facilities.

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A completely new type of design competition or when designers become superstars!

The spotlights are positioned, the microphones adjusted, every step has been rehearsed. The atmosphere is electric and the make-up crew are applying powder to the last beads of perspiration. Here we are, in the midst of the preparations for the presentation and adjudication of the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) in Hangzhou.

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Agile prototyping. How an entire industry still has a hard time dealing with flexibility and agility.

Not only does the Internet of Things improve the networking of devices, people and things, it also makes for faster development and buying cycles.

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