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Prime Position as Top Employer

EDAG takes podium position as one of 2014's Top Automotive Employers.

1st place in the categories "Company Culture/Management" and "Career Opportunities"

"Second place in the "Automotive" category is a neutral acknowledgement of our work as an employer and engineering company. We are very proud to be part of this exclusive circle of outstanding employers," said Ms. Alexandra Dantmann, Head of HR, during the official awards ceremony held in Stuttgart on 14th November, 2013. "The work-life balance and health management programmes we have implemented and our constant commitment to education and training are now bearing fruit."

In the past few years, the feel good factor and working environment in a company have become decisive factors in helping an applicant to decide whether to accept a job offer. "We are therefore very happy to have received this award. Even more important for us is of course the idea that preferably every employee rates the atmosphere of his or her workplace and opportunities for development as positive. This is our target, and one on which we work constantly," stressed EDAG CEO Jörg Ohlsen.

"As a design engineering company, we know that outstanding results and new concepts can only be brought about if everyone pulls together and accepts a high level of personal responsibility. In all we do, the focus is on solution-oriented cooperation to meet project targets. We therefore employ a lean organisational structure and work together in a relaxed, direct and respectful atmosphere. The fact that most EDAG employees are on familiar terms has got nothing to do with artificial company culture, nor is it some advertising gimmick for glossy brochures. Ever since EDAG was founded, friendly cooperation has been part of the company, and is a perfect description of our day-to-day working atmosphere. This year's first place in the "Company Culture" category is impressive proof of this point.

Soft skills aside, the technical and professional prospects are, of course, major factors contributing to the attractiveness of a company. EDAG excels on this score, too. After all, as an engineering partner for complete vehicles and production plants, EDAG has a great number of technical departments in which experienced engineers can continue to further both their skills and careers. EDAG's wide variety of well-known customers - from Audi to Volkswagen - is an interesting experience, especially for newcomers to the job market. "The learning curve is extremely steep if you are able to take part in challenging, multi-disciplinary development projects for various customers in Germany, or work at one of our international facilities," explained Ohlsen. This year, the opportunities EDAG offers its workforce have won the company first place in the category "Career Opportunities".

The Top Employer 2013/2014 award fits in perfectly with the EDAG Group's plans for growth. The engineering service provider intends to have expanded its workforce from the current level of 4,200 to over 5,000 by 2015.


The Top Employers Institute certifies employers from all around the world that provide their employees with outstanding working conditions. A short while ago, the institute completed this year's appraisal of the working conditions offered by numerous employers.

EDAG GmbH & Co. KGaA is one of the outstanding companies that have been awarded the certificate "Top Automotive Employer 2014".

An essential prerequisite for certification is that the companies concerned must meet the stringent appraisal criteria. The companies participating were assessed with regard to the following criteria: innovation management, primary benefits, secondary benefits & work-life balance, training & development, career opportunities and company culture. Only companies which meet the mandatory appraisal criteria receive this award.

Dennis Utter, Regional Director of the Top Employers Institute: "Ideal conditions enable the workforce to develop their personal and professional skills. Our comprehensive assessment shows that EDAG GmbH & Co. KGaA provide an excellent work environment, and support and train gifted employees at all company levels.

The company offers a wide spectrum of creative initiatives.

These range from secondary benefits and working conditions to well thought out performance management programmes in keeping with the company's culture."

If you would like to know more about the Top Employers Institute and its certification programmes, look them up on www.top-employers.com.

EDAG has once again received a "Top Employer" award for its first-rate human resource management. At the end of the independent appraisal by the Top Employers Institute, the company once again took its place among the winners.

In the "Automotive" category, the company took second place overall. This award testifies to the fact that EDAG offers its employees outstanding working conditions. In other words: the company takes extremely good care of its workforce.