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Kick-off Meeting: Start of 2015 Training Year

71 young people to start apprenticeships at EDAG and FFT in Fulda

Before the new apprentices and dual students take the first important step in their careers and begin their apprenticeships and courses in late summer 2015, the EDAG Group and sister company FFT invited them to a kick-off meeting at the company's head office in Fulda on 24th April. Besides dealing with a certain amount of organisational information, the main point of the meeting was for everyone to get to know each other and establish their first contacts with the company.

"We want our new trainees to get to know each other before they start their training. They will, after all, for the next few years be a team - both during their training and afterwards. We also invited their parents, to give them an idea of where their children will be starting out in professional life and laying the foundations for their individual careers," explained Jörg Ohlsen, CEO of the EDAG Group, during the meeting.

In addition to the 71 new apprentices/dual students in Fulda, a further 130 trainees will also be starting at the other EDAG and FFT facilities in Germany this year. For many years now, the company has had an apprentice and trainee quota of over 10 %, and is one of the largest training companies in the region.

"We are pleased that you have decided to do your apprenticeships with us. We will see you through the first stages of your entry into the world of engineering over the next few years, challenging, but of course, also supporting you all the way. One thing I can assure you of already: once you have successfully completed your apprenticeship or dual study course, we will be able to offer you exciting, future-proof career opportunities, both at home and abroad," explained Jörg Ohlsen.

Since 1973, EDAG has helped more than 1,800 young people take their first steps towards jobs of their choice in automotive development.

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