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EDAG is "Hessen Champion 2014" – the most innovative company

EDAG Engineering AG wins State of Hesse award for outstanding achievements in the category "Innovation".

This was the 23rd time that the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Transportation, Urban and Regional Development and VhU, the Federation of Hessian Employers Associations, acknowledged outstanding corporate success. EDAG was named "Hessen Champion 2014" at an event held by the Federation of Hessian Employers Associations attended by more than 1000 guests. The award was presented in Wiesbaden on 28.10.2014, by Hesse's Minister President Volker Bouffier, Economics Minister Tarek Al-Wazir, and the new VhU President Wolf Matthias Mang.
A great day for EDAG Engineering AG, and one which bears out our strategy of organising EDAG into a leading, highly innovative company in the automotive industry.
What won the jury over were the "EDAG Genesis" sculpture and the vision of the additively manufactured vehicle body of the future. The project, which was managed by Dr. Martin Hillebrecht, Head of the Competence Centre, and our chief designer, Johannes Barckmann, is evidence of the innovative capacity of EDAG. The jury was made up of well-known Hessian representatives from the worlds of business, research, politics and the media.>

EDAG presented a truly newsworthy topic: EDAG GENESIS

The 3D printing revolution has already begun, and will help to define the path to lightweight design 2.0. Based on this principle, our full-scale exhibit, "EDAG GENESIS" can be seen as a symbol of the new freedoms and challenges that additive manufacturing processes will open up to designers and engineers in development and production.Additive manufacturing will make it possible to come a great deal closer to the construction principles of nature through bionics. And the entire process is tool-free, resource-saving and eco-friendly. "EDAG GENESIS" is based on the bionic patterns of a turtle, which has a shell that provides "passenger" protection and cushioning. The shell has extremely fine, internal bone structures, which contribute to the shell's stability and strength. This concept is reflected in our exhibit.

We provide a visionary outlook for what might well be the next industrial revolution in automotive development and production. From the prototype and low-volume series through to the series in the automotive industry. The royal discipline of lightweight construction is already a critical success factor for tomorrow's mobility. Not only to achieve the ambitious CO2 targets of 2020, but also to enable the successful development of the subject of electric mobility to be ontinued.

EDAG makes companies fit for the future

In the words of Werner Kropsbauer, CEO of EDAG Engineering AG: "We are very proud to have these lightweight innovations to demonstrate how value-adding companies can be future-proofed by working with EDAG, as this will help them to create new jobs and future viability. Our business partners here are not just vehicle manufacturers, but also innovative suppliers and well-known technology partners."

"Our innovation examples convey future potential, and stimulate dialogue," said Dr. Martin Hillebrecht. Lightweight engineering for 2020 calls for interdisciplinary thinking and activities. This is one of the major strengths of the technology experts and developers at EDAG. Which means important tasks for technology workers and management!

Use the following links to see the current report broadcast by Sat 1 and on the "Hessenschau".

Sat1 – 17:30 Live vom 28.10.14

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The aim of the "Hessen Champions" contest is to distinguish companies for outstanding achievements. Awards go to innovative Hessian companies that are the world leaders in their sectors, and - in relation to their size - have created an above-average number of new jobs in Hesse, or developed new concepts, products or processes.