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#collectivio is becoming more and more precise

Our collectivio is learning every day

Day 5/6  The IAA doesn't stop at the weekend – just like our #collectivio project. The SCRUM team have been extremely productive over the last two days – just like the community who have supported us primarily with many great concept ideas.

On day 6, the exterior of #collectivio is now defined and in parallel was assured by Felix from the Package Team. Based on this, our designer Carlo has started to design and detail the interior. In this respect too, we received feedback from the community. "The general public largely wants a calm, relaxed journey in #collectivio. Sportsmanship and agility did not play a large role in the eyes of the general public", summarises press officer Christoph Horvath.

So Carlo relied on a lounge-like design for the seating situation and deliberately dispensed with individual seats facing the direction of travel".

With regard to the "payment system, our APP Development and Business Cases Teams have also made a great deal of progress. "Today we are often unaware of sharing a large amount of personal data with Facebook and others. This data has a monetary value, but not for the user. We want to make use of this for the booking and payment system of collectivio". "During the booking, the user of collectivio is asked which information about himself he would like to share or whether he would accept passengers. He can gradually reduce the booking price for the journey in collectivio," explains Heiko Herchet from the APP Team.

As an interactive and autonomously running vehicle, collectivio should communicate with the outside world. For this, the HMI Team led by Andreas Röbig has defined different display elements such as a light strip and displays relating to the vehicle. Central communication elements are the eyes of #collectivio on the front and rear section. "Facial expression has been designed here that shows the relevant situation of #collectivio", explains Christoph Horvath. "For example, friendly open eyes indicate that #collectivio is available and can be booked immediately. We have already defined and implemented over 20 facial expressions for it to allow entirely intuitive communication between the vehicle and the customer.

The topic of gesture control in and outside of the vehicle - to "beckon" #collectivio - is also on the to-do-list of the SCRUM Team.

It remains an exciting prospect. We are happy to receive additional input here in Frankfurt under #collectivio or with a personal visit to our trade fair stand.