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Brand launch: How trive.me ensures ingenious networking of driver, vehicle and driving

At this year's IAA, EDAG presents for first time a new spin-off in the field of software solutions for the ecosystem mobility.

Frankfurt, 15 September 2015. The brand trive.me presented their portfolio of New World Mobility and relies on the cooperation with automobile manufacturers, system suppliers, IT companies and young start-ups. Similar to smart phones, computers and television, many believe that not only performance but usability, networking and integration of software, information and data streams make the difference between an excellent and an inferior car. And that software will change sooner or later not only the car, but also driving a car.

In the past week, one of the first solutions, the software platform trive.account has been presented to the public. With the introduction of personal Car Account, trive.me heralds a separation of hardware and software development in the automotive industry and pursues the purpose of making applications and functions in future vehicles more attractive to the consumer. The first function, personalising vehicle settings and saving them in the Account was demonstrated at the IAA. It is possible for example to change the colour of the concept car EDAG Light Cocoon in real time by using the app trive.account. However, this is just one impressive example of additional functions underlines Michael Pollner who looks after the marketing of solutions at trive.me. In the next step, we will also tie functions to the personal account. These functions will then be available to consumers across all vehicles of a brand, adds Heiko Herchet, Chief Executive Electrifier at trive.me. He points to the eCarTec 2015 where additional functions will be presented, in particular to enable a breakthrough in electric mobility.

The presented trive.park service developed in-house allows stress-free parking in mul-ti-storey car parks thanks to advance reservation of parking space precisely tailored to the user (mother and child, electric vehicle, SUV, etc.) including cashless payment and powerful indoor navigation.

"Our vision is not the car 4.0 or a mere technological perspective, but driving 4.0. In this new ecosystem, the point is to provide real added value to people - to give them back time. trive.me is a powerful company combining the expertise of seasoned de-velopers from the automotive industry with the spirit and imagination of programmers, designers, data jugglers and network gurus", summarised Pollner.

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