Electric Mobility

    The Outlook for a New Mobile Generation

    eMobility is both a huge challenge and enormous opportunity for the industry

    Electrification introduces new systems and components into the vehicle, while also influencing many existing systems. In this context, it is no longer enough to view each of the systems in the development process individually; they have to be regarded and optimised as one overall system. Interdisciplinary expertise is essential for the development of sustainable electric vehicles. In the EDAG Group, the eMobility Competence Centre ensures that technical departments are sufficiently interlinked to make this possible. From new mobility and system concepts through to individual components and materials - we develop innovative solutions for innovative vehicles, and create development potential.

    In the process, we draw on our wide-ranging expertise to optimise electric-powered vehicles, both technically and economically. 
    We are working, for instance, on new wiring concepts with semi-conductor technologies such as silicone carbide, developing innovative approaches for the thermal bonding of parts, and developing optimised EMC concepts for power electronics. 

    We regard the CC as a kind of "technical scout" that constantly identifies and analyses new technologies, to harness future development potential for us and our customers. The fully integrated development of electric vehicles is our strength and our mission.


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