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E-Drive & Battery

Nothing can stop the electrification of road traffic now.

According to an analysis of the core markets Europe, the USA and China in a VDMA study on powertrains and the changes they are undergoing, by 2030, at least every fifth vehicle in these regions (study: 22 percent) will be powered entirely by an electric motor. 

For EDAG, electrification is an important element of future mobility, and vehicle electrification has already become an essential part of our work. With EDAG BFFT Electronics, the EDAG Group is in possession of very specific technical skills in this field. In order to do justice to future requirements, a decision was made to bundle and strategically expand these skills within the entire Group. This is a reaction on the part of the EDAG Group to market changes and customer requirements, and one which puts the company in a position to develop components for electric vehicles. In the future, this will play a crucial role in the development of complete vehicles with alternative drive concepts.