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Digital Factory

The use of the digital factory in the fully integrated engineering process offers major advantages

Processes and capacity utilisation can be optimised, and faults detected and eliminated in good time (predictive maintenance). It also makes virtual planning and initial commissioning possible, enabling bottlenecks to be identified and cleared as early as possible.

EDAG Production Solutions' digitalisation specialists develop techniques and methods centring on the fields of digital factory and "Industrie 4.0." 

The focus of their work is on future-oriented fields such as the digital twin (digital image of the production technology), smart factory (including the paperless factory) and predictive maintenance (proactive, forward-looking maintenance). The aim of predictive maintenance is to intelligently process production data and then use this to improve the efficiency of the maintenance and servicing of equipment. 
Another area that is spotlighted is additive manufacturing. Our comprehensive understanding of production makes us the ideal partner to analyse and assess the potential of this technology for its possible use on the shop floor.

In the development process, we attach great importance to mechatronic engineering. This means that we simultaneously interlink mechanical, electric and IT processes to create a new workflow to optimise the dispersed project handling and the cooperation of individual sections.