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Car IT Startup: trive.me

Digitalisation is literally turning the automobile world upside down.

Digitalisation is literally turning the automobile world upside down: the car is being transformed into a cyber-physical system which calls the analogous business models previously used by the automotive industry into question. This calls for startups and IT companies capable of doing the balancing act between vehicle electrics/electronics (E/E) and the latest IT technology (from the startup network to the hackathon). This task is being undertaken by EDAG's new brand, trive.me, which has its own products and services for all fields of car IT (apps for front end and rear end development, vehicle integration of applications and services).

The "digital natives" at trive.me carry out technology scouting to seek out and evaluate mobility-related innovations, and then use this knowledge to develop interesting ideas into stand-alone products. In combination with the know-how of EDAG's E/E division, trive.me is the professional partner for networked vehicles and automated driving.
Targeted investments in our own products and software solutions help the systematic further development of the team and pave the way for new business models. 

In the future, these software solutions are to be marketed under the brand name trive.me (licensing and sales). trive.park, for example, focuses on digitalisation in the field of off-street parking. With "wecardo", every automobile becomes a networked smart or intelligent car. 
With trive.energy, a commercial platform has been developed which will in the future enable electric vehicles to negotiate independently with energy providers for the power they require.