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Convincing Technological Leadership

Alternative drive systems, digitalisation, autonomous driving, industrial 3D printing, new materials. Now, more than ever before, the automobile is on the brink of total reinvention, to enable it to meet current ecological and sociopolitical challenges. 
As the world's largest independent design engineering company in the automotive industry, EDAG will be playing an active role in shaping this technological transition.

Our competence centres (CC) are "enablers" for EDAG

They identify our customers' future requirements, and then provide concepts, solutions and competencies for the automobile of the future. 
The issues dealt with in the CCs are geared to the strategic levers for the development of the automobile, to future solutions and to innovative technologies. 
The know-how relating to innovative matters is structured across all departments and divisions by our CCs. The constant exchange of information means that they have access to and can interact with all EDAG departments. And in this way, we strengthen the acquisition and exchange of knowledge. At the same time, we initiate ground-breaking pilot projects and make it possible to access internal and external know-how.

The EDAG Competence Centres, currently three in number, are working in the following future-oriented fields:

  • Lightweight Design, Materials and Technologies
  • eMobility
  • Integral Safety

This pre-competitive innovation and technology management helps to secure EDAG's position by actively shaping future topics relevant to our engineering business model. With their interdisciplinary networking, the CCs initiate and carry out corresponding research and development projects.
Know-how networks: in order to be able to continually develop and keep our technical experts' knowledge of important engineering disciplines up-to-date, we maintain and promote know-how networks within the technical departments.

  • Car IT startup: trive.me
  • Digital factory
  • Commercial Vehicle Competence Centre, Arbon
  • eDrive & battery

Visit us on the EDAG Group Innovation page: www.edag.com/en/innovation

Success factor innovation management

With the innovation management of our competence centres, we proactively develop solutions, concepts and strategies for important future-related issues, while also developing new engineering services for our customers. 

As the internationally leading engineering partner to the automotive industry in the field of product and production development, we handle wide-ranging, technologically challenging and pre-competitive projects. The key to our success is our globally available expertise combined with our extensive consulting experience. 

Our innovative ability is our acknowledged USP. EDAG aspires to acquire broad mastery of newly emerging technologies and to provide market-relevant resources as quickly as possible. 

"Innovation management in engineering calls for methods, high levels of technical expertise, interdisciplinary skills and tenacity." 
Dr.-Ing. Martin Hillebrecht.


BatteRange – highly versatile chassis concept

(18,4 MB / 01:44 min)

NextGen Spaceframe 2.0 (2017)

(24 MB / 03:42 min)

LightHinge+ (2017)

(14,3 MB / 03:40 min)