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EDAG – an overview

EDAG celebrates its 50th anniversary.

For 50 years now, we have been writing our success story at EDAG - a story about German engineering. To mark this anniversary, we are looking back on our origins, though without ever losing sight of the future, since the two are inextricably merged. 

On our anniversary website, we will be presenting ground-breaking EDAG concept cars from the past, sharing inspiring employee insights, and providing our outlook for the smart mobility solutions of tomorrow. 

Tomorrow now: www.50yearsedag.com



For EDAG and anyone else involved in the development of the vehicles and mobility concepts of tomorrow, technical and mental horizons have to be redefined every day. As engineering specialists, we notice that the future is already happening. We are therefore constantly adapting our organisation and technological focuses, so as to continue our sustained development of tailored solutions for the dynamic market environment of the mobility industry. This approach allows us to fulfil our mission: EDAG – the leading engineering and production specialist for future mobility.


We have anchored this attitude in our strategic paper "REinvent", and defined a clear outline for the long-term development of our company: "We will continue to develop EDAG into a strong international team that operates proactively across country and technical boundaries. With our fully integrated range of services for vehicle, electrics/electronics and production plant development, we are in an ideal position to further expand our role as the world's largest independent engineering partner to the automotive industry," is how Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group, summarises the situation.

The strategy of the EDAG Group has a name: REinvent

Revenue growth: 
The market offers enormous growth potential for international, highly diversified engineering specialists. The EDAG Group will use this and, besides expanding its classic customer business in the international "mobility" ecosystem, will also be establishing and developing new customer relations.

Excellence in operations: We will be further optimising the processes and structures within the entire EDAG Group. With a strong, international line-up in our project management, sales activities and administration, we can continue to improve our efficiency - for ourselves and our customers. 

Internationalisation: We will be making use of the EDAG Group's global presence to further expand our business volume. Our aim here is to increase our revenue outside of Germany from today's level of 27 percent to 40 percent.

Next delivery model: Significantly increasing capacity at our best-cost locations will enable us to secure our competitiveness and sustained growth while maintaining our good quality.

Ventures: One clearly defined objective, aimed at assuring us a share in the growth potential of the mobility ecosystem, is the massive development of our in-house startups such as trive.me.

Electrics/Electronics: The bundling of all E/E competencies and capacities in the EDAG Group will enable us to offer a comprehensive, high-performance portfolio in this innovative field across the world.

Number one: With our fully integrated engineering competencies, we will make EDAG, the world's leading independent engineering vehicle and production specialists, into the market leader.

Talents: The decisive ingredient in our recipe for success can be found in the creative minds of our employees. For this reason, the technical and personal advancement of our workforce and employee retention have top priority. By extending our range of career options, optimising all facets of the general conditions, and having our workforce participate in our future strategic development, we intend to constantly improve EDAG's attractiveness as an employer both internally and to the outside world. This means that our employees have the opportunity not only to play an active role in shaping the automotive world of the future, but also to excel and further their personal development. Because at EDAG, we are committed to the motto: "REinvent mobility – REinvent yourself".



EDAG was founded by Horst Eckard in Groß-Zimmern near Darmstadt on 1st February 1969, at which time the company was known as "Konstruktionsbüro Horst Eckard". We are one of the world's largest independent engineering partner to the international automotive industry.


First phase


The head office in Fulda was established. At the time, the company was oriented towards vehicle and production plant development.


The Group started globalization with the founding of a branch office in Barcelona, Spain. Furthermore, a separate training department was established.


The branch network in Germany included approximately 10 facilities situated close to vehicle manufacturers.


The number of employees rose to a total of more than 2,000 worldwide.


EDAG is the first automotive service provider to be admitted to the VDA (Association of the German Automotive Industry).


Daimler hired us for our first full-car development for a derivative model (the Mercedes B-Class).


The “EDAG Tec-Centre” was founded in Fulda. It is a multi-disciplinary product development competence centre for lightweight design.


EDAG opened its first branch office in China (Shanghai).


The first EDAG facility in Japan (Fukuoka) was founded.


ATON Group became the sole shareholder of EDAG.

The acquisition of EDAG by the ATON Group constituted an important step in the corporate history since the ATON Group significantly affected and formed the strategy to focus services on the automotive industry. EDAG started a restructuring process, disposing of non-automotive related businesses and acquiring complementary automotive Engineering Service Providers (ESPs).

Second phase


EDAG Group’s staff levels rose to more than 3,500 employees worldwide.


The EDAG “Light Car – Open Source”, a “purpose design” body concept for electric vehicles created using the latest standards in lightweight materials, semi-finished products and joining technology, was presented at the Geneva Motor Show and the International Motor Show (IAA).


The E-Mobility Competence Centre was founded at EDAG’s head office in Fulda.


The subsidiaries Mühlenberg Interiors GmbH & Co. KG as well as AKTEC Automobil- und Kunststofftechnik GmbH were sold. First contact was established with a Japanese customer regarding derivative projects.


With the acquisition of the Rücker Group (which added approximately 2,500 employees) EDAG became one of the leading independent automotive ESP, employing more than 7,000 employees. The subsidiary Weser-Metall-Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG along with its subsidiary Namibian Press and Tools International Prop. Ltd. was sold.


With the acquisition of the BFFT Group (comprising approximately 600 employees) EDAG managed to strengthen its position in the E/E segment. The Competence Centre Car-IT was founded.


At the Geneva Motor Show, EDAG presented the futuristic vehicle sculpture “EDAG GENESIS”, which, using the example of a body structure, was designed to demonstrate the revolutionary potential of additive manufacturing. The teams from EDAG and Rücker Group were combined in the new entity EDAG Engineering AG. Approximately 70 locations in some 25 countries and more than 7,400 employees were at their customer´s disposal for the development of vehicles and production plants. Furthermore, for the first time derivative projects were completed for Japanese customers.

In 2014 Rücker EKS GmbH (now EKS InTec GmbH), Rücker Aerospace GmbH, Silver Aerospace B.V., Rücker France SARL and Rücker-Sier GIE were sold. Additionally, the business division “Werkzeug & Karosseriesysteme” was sold to EDAG Werkzeug + Karosserie GmbH, of which EDAG holds 49% as of December 31, 2014.

In 2015, construction work started on the new EDAG Technology and Development Centre in Wolfsburg-Warmenau. This year also marks the world premiere of the concept “EDAG Light Cocoon” at the Geneva Motor Show 2015. The company’s legal form changed to EDAG Engineering GmbH. Furthermore, the Company was incorporated, by a contribution in kind of EDAG Engineering Holding GmbH, and became the new parent company of the EDAG Group.

Additionally, the Competence Centre “New Production Technology” was established.


Executive Board



Cosimo De Carlo


Harald Keller


Holger Merz



Our Brands

EDAG Engineering GmbH

The development of mobility is not an isolated process, but the fully integrated interlinking of a wide variety of disciplines. As leading independent engineering experts, we know all about these disciplines and the way they interact. 


So it happens that we not only supply top performance when it comes to promoting vehicle evolution - we also know how the production and processes need to be devised to meet future market requirements.

Under the EDAG Engineering GmbH, our subsidiaries and affiliated companies help to provide this interdisciplinary expertise with customised solutions. Our brands help you to bring about the long-term optimisation of products, processes and your company, and make them fit for the future.

EDAG Production Solutions

EDAG Production Solutions GmbH & Co. KG specialises in the development of complete production facilities and their processes.

Combining these with our competence in the development of vehicles, we have mastered the interfaces between product development and production systems.

Besides handling the individual stages of the product creation process, we also offer all factory and production systems-related services, and are therefore in an ideal position to plan complete factories for all fields, including cross processes, and provide single-source support throughout the implementation stage.


Feynsinn was founded a few years ago: a group of experienced experts working for EDAG who established themselves as an independent consultancy service with implementation skills.

The interdisciplinary team, which works throughout Germany, specialises in the optimised completion of products for a wide variety of sectors. 

Feynsinn improves software and IT-supported processes and methods from product design, through development and production, to sales and marketing. To this end, Feynsinn offers not just advice, but also implementation and training.

EDAG BFFT Electronics

EDAG BFFT Electronics provides support for its customers in the fields of hardware and software development and alternative drive technologies. In addition to these two specialist fields, the EDAG BFFT Electronics brand has also established itself as an acknowledged partner in other areas and now has around 1,532 employees.



Ever since the company was first founded, vital prerequisites for the success of the business activities of EDAG Engineering GmbH have been adherence to ethical standards such as integrity, honesty and adherence to the law, and exercising a sense of responsibility in all we do. In addition, respect and fairness towards colleagues, customers and business associates are an inherent part of EDAG's corporate culture, and central to the definition of our principles.


To underline how very important these principles are, we have put together the main points of all the most important legal and ethical dos and don'ts in the EDAG Code of Conduct.

This code of conduct provides our employees a set of instructions on how to deal with laws, rules, regulations and guidelines and is intended to help to prevent any damage from happening to the company or individual employees. We expect strict compliance with all relevant legal and in-house requirements from all of our employees. Our Compliance Organisation supports the executive board, managers and employees in their daily activities, provides orientation and information on legal and other binding rules of conduct.

Along with our brand values and leadership principles, the code of conduct is also an important element of our corporate culture. It is important to practise and comply with its contents.

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EDAG Code of Conduct

EDAG Code of Ethics

EDAG Environmental Policy

EDAG EQS Integrity Line - Whistleblower System

With the EDAG EQS Integrity Line, we provide our employees, business partners and stakeholders with an electronic whistleblower system that makes it possible to report potential rule violations via a secure portal.

The introduction of this digital solution serves to detect misconduct and risks at EDAG in order to avert damage to employees, the company or external third parties. As a component of the EDAG Compliance Management System, it thus takes prevention into account.


Promoting female employees and female managers

With our diversity concept, we aspire to have a proportion of woman in management positions appropriate for our employee structure. 


At the end of 2015, the proportion of our female managers at both top levels below the executive board was 8.3%. We want to expand this proportion by 2020. We are aiming for a 10% quota of female managers for Germany. The proportion of women in the total workforce of EDAG Engineering GmbH is 17.9% and 4.2% on the management levels.

To achieve and sustain this goal of 10% female managers, EDAG has established the Frauen@EDAG initiative. A comprehensive catalogue of measures to acquire, promote and commit to female employees and managers has been developed.

The supervisory board of EDAG Engineering GmbH decided in a meeting on 7 October 2015 that the current quota of 16.0 % is to be maintained or continued on the part of the employee representatives as well as on the part of the representatives of the shareholders.

For the proportion of female mangers of EDAG Engineering GmbH, the supervisory board decided that the current quota of 0.0% should not be changed.

The supervisory board of EDAG Engineering Holding GmbH has to date not specified a quota as the supervisory board has so far only held its constituting session in connection with its legal appointment. Currently 16.0% of the members of the supervisory board of EDAG Engineering Holding GmbH are female. The quota is 50% on the management level of this company.


Our distinctions and awards

The claim we make on ourselves and our work are made visible through our distinctions.













Our customers are our best reference.


Automotive industry:

Audi, Benteler, BMW, BMW Brilliance, Bosch, Bugatti, Chery, Chrysler, Comau, Continental, Daimler, Delphi, Dura Automotive, Electrolux, Fiat, Fisker, Ford, Gestamp, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Inalfa, Johnson Controls, Magna, Miele, Mitsubishi, Opel, Porsche, PSA, Renault, Seat, Siemens, Skoda, Sonora, Tata Motors, ThyssenKrupp, Toyota, Volkswagen, WorldAutoStee

Commercial vehicle industry:

Commercial Vehicle Cluster, DAF, Daimler, Dong Feng, EvoBus, Hino Motors, Iveco,  John Deere , MAN, Navistar, Scania, Volkswagen

Rail Industry:

Alstom, Bombardier, Deutsche Bahn AG, Wanne-Herner- Eisenbahn