• Reinvent mobility! Reinventing mobility with EDAG.

  • Reinvent yourself! Working together to get things moving.

  • What motivates us? Your best performance.

  • EDAG on the road – in your area, too.

  • The success story of your life - with EDAG.

  • The success story of your life - with EDAG.

  • Your developments in the vehicles and production plants of tomorrow.

  • Your developments in the vehicles and production plants of tomorrow.

  • Applying to EDAG - your first step into future automobility.

Life at EDAG

"Working at EDAG" means working together to get things moving.

We are moving mobility forward - just like you!

We are looking for people who are not prepared to settle for standard solutions and routine. 
At EDAG, lateral thinkers, enthusiasts and people whose ideas can set the world on fire have the chance to apply their knowledge in more than 50 departments. From the very beginning, you are part of a team that works alongside of you on exciting, new challenges. And the focus is not just on technical developments. Working at EDAG means a great deal more for you.

Because the personal development of all our employees is an important aspect of our culture. As an award winning employer in the "engineering" category, there is one thing that really marks us out: a work environment that allows our employees to develop and make the most of their abilities, and takes every personality seriously. Why? Because in a sector in which movement is important, people need personal space. This is important to us. We place great value on our further development as a company and on that of our employees. 
Our aim is to improve a little every day. To this end, we focus on a permanent willingness to learn and constantly furthering technical and social skills.

Your day-to-day work at EDAG – by no means routine.

Forget all the clichés about the conservative work environment of the automotive engineer. We are not like that! The auto industry is constantly on the move - and so are we. At EDAG, lots of exciting projects are waiting to get off the ground. We are therefore looking for smart people who are open to new solutions. Young talents who are prepared to roll up their sleeves and keen to accept responsibility. Team players with a passion for cars and enthusiastic about mobility. A healthy mix of individuality and team spirit, personal responsibility and individual growth, creativity and goal orientation.

You can maybe already tell that we are different at EDAG. We are looking for new colleagues with plenty of personality and enthusiasm. People who want to move things forward and are able to think outside the box, because far from being your average, run-of-the-mill company, we are in fact never willing to accept the status quo. We aim to improve day by day - in development, in our day-to-day project work, for our customers, and in the way we cooperate and support one another in our daily work.

So what are you waiting for? Reinvent yourself with EDAG! Click through our vacancies or contact us for more information.