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  • The success story of your life - with EDAG.

  • The success story of your life - with EDAG.

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  • Your developments in the vehicles and production plants of tomorrow.

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Pupils & School leavers

Starting work at EDAG

After school, get things moving at EDAG!

What comes after school? A whole lot at EDAG. For instance, an exciting apprenticeship in our departments. Or a challenging dual study course. During a student internship, we can give you an idea of what our daily working life is like, and useful tips for a successful application, so that nothing can get in the way of your career once you leave school. You can hardly hope for a better start to your future than that, can you?

EDAG has an outstanding reputation on account of its focus on training. For 45 years now. Our support programme for our apprentices and students includes thorough initial training, numerous staff training courses, and individual opportunities. Apart from an employee's personal efforts, our extensive range of education and training opportunities forms the basis for advancement. After you have finished your apprenticeship, too, of course. Because life-long learning is an active part of EDAG's company culture. Depending on what basic training you have done, we then actively help you to gain further qualifications. This might mean becoming a master craftsman, a technician, a business administrator, or doing a Bachelor's degree.

Write your own success story with us!

The stories told by our young colleagues are genuine success stories. And yet as individual as the career paths at EDAG itself. Apprentices and students quickly assume responsibility, work on genuine customer projects and come into contact with our famous international customers. In our projects, we deal with extremely interesting future-related issues such as eMobility, car sharing or using apps to control vehicles. Involvement in these is genuine pioneering work. 
They are areas in which you can really make an impact.

We asked our interns, apprentices and students: What makes EDAG so unique? What do you love most about your job? Why would you always make exactly the same decision and join the most exciting engineering service provider in the world? Questions that Sina found incredibly easy to answer. From the very beginning of her technical product designer apprenticeship, she was allowed to work on our customer projects. 

"Right from the start, the combination of being creative and having good career prospects is what appealed to me about EDAG. I already knew about the company from a friend who was so keen about EDAG that her enthusiasm rubbed off on me, too. I have always been interested in cars and have a good technical grasp, so I applied to do a technical product designer's apprenticeship. I was so happy when I was accepted! I am now working in the body in white team, designing sheet metal parts for commercial vehicles. Part of my job is to develop ideas for new products and then implement them virtually on the computer. To start with, it was quite scary, because I was put straight into an ongoing project. But my colleagues did everything they could to support me, and there was a special induction programme for apprentices, with manual technical drawing (on paper!) and visits to the prototype construction department and apprenticeship workshop. This made it much easier to get started. Also, what we learnt in the company perfectly matched the course material at school, which was another great help. This meant that I could put what I had learnt in theory straight into practice. I would recommend any career starter to first of all do an internship at EDAG. This is the best way of finding out whether you like the company and what it does."

So what are you waiting for? Start your apprenticeship or dual study course with us! Click through our vacancies (Pupils work experienceApprenticeship, Dual Study Course) or contact us for more information.