• Reinvent mobility! Reinventing mobility with EDAG.

  • Reinvent yourself! Working together to get things moving.

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  • EDAG on the road – in your area, too.

  • The success story of your life - with EDAG.

  • The success story of your life - with EDAG.

  • Your developments in the vehicles and production plants of tomorrow.

  • Your developments in the vehicles and production plants of tomorrow.

  • Applying to EDAG - your first step into future automobility.

Working at EDAG

REinvent mobility – REinvent yourself

REinvent mobility

For EDAG and anyone else involved in the development of the vehicles and mobility concepts of tomorrow, technical and mental horizons have to be redefined every day. Always with an eye to the big picture: from vehicle and production plant development through to SOP and after sales.  
This seamless range of services coupled with our international experience and our motivation for breaking new ground, enables us to achieve our objective: "EDAG – The leading complete vehicle and production specialist for future mobility".


REinvent yourself

People who work for EDAG encounter enormous diversity. A diversity of development departments handling exciting, large-scale projects, of international facilities, customers and colleagues. The requirements of the automotive market are changing faster than ever. The speed at which we develop new fields of competence and, in the course of our dynamic growth, open new international facilities, calls for a team that is willing and able to constantly optimise and adapt the way it thinks and acts.

"We have made it our aim and our motivation always to be that one decisive step quicker than everyone else on the market. The determining factor here is our highly qualified global workforce, every member of which accepts responsibility in his or her field for achieving this objective," said Cosimo de Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group.

For you, our diversity means a wide range of technical or managerial career opportunities at one of our 60 locations. Come and join the EDAG team!

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Further information

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